Teaching and learning in NSW public schools

Key learning areas

Access NSW Curriculum support with professional learning, teaching resources and advice on new syllabus implementation.

NSW Curriculum Reform

The NSW Government is reforming the curriculum from Kindergarten to Year 12.

Learning across the curriculum

Cross curriculum content enriches and supports the learning areas and adds depth to student learning.

Literacy and numeracy

Literacy and numeracy is a major focus for NSW public schools.

Multicultural education

Intercultural understanding and harmony in schools – supporting English language learners, refugees and newly arrived students.

Early learning

Access resources for the delivery of high-quality early childhood curriculum and pedagogy in the early years including transition to school.

Rural and distance education

Supporting schools and students in rural, remote and isolated areas.

Career learning and vocational education and training

Students transitioning to work and vocational training.


Government schools comply with legislative and safety requirements in regards to animal welfare and chemical safety education.

COVID intensive learning support program

The 2021 COVID learning support program will provide small group tuition for students who need it most across NSW primary, secondary and specialist schools.

Statewide staffrooms

The Educational Standards Directorate maintain virtual staffrooms for all learning areas. Join to access support from curriculum experts and fellow teachers from across the state.

Curriculum networks

Learn about curriculum networks, their benefits and how to locate and join a network.

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