SOLE in Action

Harrington Park Public School shows how they are building student confidence to empower future-focused learners to engage in student-directed learning activities.

SOLE in Action at Harrington Park Public School

Location: 2 Sir Warwick Fairfax Drive, Harrington Park

Level: Primary School, Kinder to Year 6

Enrolment: 782 students

The journey

Harington Park Public School has 780 students in 30 classrooms. The school is located in south-west Sydney and was established in 2012.The school is driven by a deep belief that every student is capable of successful learning. There is a strong collegial culture of mutual trust and support among the 60 teachers and school leaders. Parents are treated as partners in the promotion of student learning and well-being.

Harington Park Public School's aim was to develop skills in the 4C’s while researching open-ended questions that allow students to tap into their innate sense of wonder. They aim to build confidence to empower future focused learners to engage in student directed learning activities.

This program was trialled by two classroom teachers and the librarian. They implemented flexible seating, student directed research and student self-organisation to establish productive groups. Students learnt how be critical of the process and provide valuable feedback to their peers. Teachers modelled lessons, team-taught to support colleagues, provided guidance in writing programs and creating big questions.

Some teachers became instructional leaders in the 2567 Community of Schools iPoP process and provided professional learning to teachers from local primary schools and high schools. Students have improved their critical thinking and ability to collaborate while undertaking meaningful research tasks. Teachers continue to embed student led teaching opportunities across all key learning areas.

The students have developed their:

  • persistence and independence when approaching challenging tasks
  • ability to become problem solvers
  • self-reflection
  • constructive feedback to their peers.

Contact details

Kristy Hawkins, classroom teacher -
Belinda Bush, classroom teacher -


To access a visual representation of this journey, download the SOLE in action at Harrington Park Public School infographic (PDF 62.3KB).

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Guiding research or evidence

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