Entrepreneurial Learning

Canley Vale High School encourages personalised educational experiences through the application of entrepreneurial learning, where students have recently created an innovative learning environment in their school library.

Entrepreneurial Learning at Canley Vale High School

Location: Prospect Rd, Canley Vale

Level: Secondary School, Year 7 to Year 12

Enrolment: 1485 students – 95% of students language background other than English (LBOTE)

The journey

Canley Vale High School is a comprehensive school in the South-Western suburb of Canley Vale, Sydney. The current population is 1 445, with 95% of students who come from a language background other than English (LBOTE). Canley Vale High School serves a community that is in the lowest 5% for socio-economic status in NSW. The school holds a consistent average of 90% of HSC graduates entering tertiary study.

Our school motto is ‘We Care’, and it is from this that we draw our vision of Canley Vale High School. We care about the academic and psycho-social growth of all students, building a strong, local school that serves our local community. We set and meet high expectations for ourselves and those who we work with.

Our idea for action was to provide opportunities within learning to develop entrepreneurial skills through a student-driven project targeting Yong Zhao’s three principles:

  • Developing more personalised education experiences.
  • Engaging in creative and entrepreneurial product-oriented learning experiences.
  • Cultivating and prototyping new approaches, processes and products.

The project was to create a prototype of a future-focused learning environment within the school library that provides shared learning spaces, and caters for all learning styles and student abilities.

The focus group for the project was the Year 10 High Achievers class. Students assigned themselves to a team dependent on their strengths and interests. Each team had leaders who reported back to a nominated project manager. The project manager coordinated and supervised the progress of the research and data analysis team, the media and marketing team and the design team, as well as coordinating appointments with consultants. The project manager was also responsible in reporting back and liaising with the teacher-coordinator and the school’s senior executive.

Each student was forced to think differently and utilise different enterprise skills, and apply these when facing different challenges. Students are now more confident when it comes to taking risks, which has created a culture within the group of empowered students who are fearless, courageous and curious.

As a result of the project, the school now has an innovative learning space created from a collection of research and feedback, which is a bookable space that can be trialled by a variety of staff curious to explore innovative pedagogy.

Contact details

Deputy Principal - Deborah Santucci deborah.santucci@det.nsw.edu.au


To access a visual representation of this journey, download the Canley Vale High School Entrepreneurial Learning infographic (PDF 61.86KB).

View the text alternative for the Canley Vale High School Entrepreneurial Learning infographic.

Guiding reading and research

  • The Take-Action Guide to World Class Learners Book 1 - Yong Zhao
  • The Take-Action Guide to World Class Learners Book 2 - Yong Zhao
  • The Take-Action Guide to World Class Learners Book 3 - Yong Zhao
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