A learner-centred environment

Epping North Public School showcases how innovation and creativity are advanced to inspire outstanding teaching and learning.

Learner-centred environment at Epping North Public School

Location: Boundary Rd, North Epping

Level: Primary School, Kinder to Year 6

Enrolment: 420 students (24% of students from speaking backgrounds other than English)

The journey

Epping North Public School has an enrolment of approximately 420 students. The school has a purposeful focus on literacy and numeracy achievement, which is supported by a cohesive and dedicated staff team who have expert knowledge of future-focused pedagogy. The school student population consists of 24% of students from speaking backgrounds other than English. The entire school learning community is strongly committed to supporting the development of the whole child.

Our goal is to develop successful, confident and creative learners who are equipped with the skills to become active and informed global citizens. We have developed a future-focused learning framework which incorporates and guides the critical aspects of curriculum, research and innovative practice.

We seek to develop in our students the capacity for learning how to learn. This is a process of preparing and empowering students to master essential academic content, to think critically and solve real-world problems, to work collaboratively and communicate effectively, to be self-directed in their education and to have a growth mindset in the face of adversity and challenge.

Our agenda of transformation and innovation has informed our vibrant learning environments. Learning is learner-centred, authentic and relevant. Problem based learning and inquiry processes incorporate student voice and choice in all activities. Learning is carefully designed to align curriculum, pedagogy, assessment, feedback and reflection. Critical and creative thinking strategies are explicitly taught and integrated with information and communication technology tools to achieve individualised and self-paced learning. Teachers co-construct connected units that activate deep learning and promote the development of creativity, innovation and self-direction.

Leadership has played a central role in redefining student-teacher relationships at our school. It has involved all teachers working together to design a future-focused learning framework. A strong, shared vision has enabled a collective understanding of the direction of the change and more importantly a deep connection with ‘why’ this is a necessary focus.

Our ongoing professional learning is framed through a dynamic strategic planning process. We use iTunes U as an online professional learning tool that links research to our context. All staff participate in personalised professional learning twice a term and we hold an in-house Teachmeet at the end of every term. We actively seek and work beyond our school in action research projects with the Innovation Unit and Instructional Rounds with Beecroft and Epping Public Schools.

The main challenge remains to design education that is relevant for our students and their future economic and social needs in a dynamic and globalised world. We need to ensure that our students, teachers and parents are confident and engaged with our redefined teaching and learning. We strive to ensure that we embed research and innovative systems in each and every classroom for every student, every day.


Principal - Jo Wilcher, joanne.wilcher2@det.nsw.edu.au


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