Leading Collaborative Teaching Practice

This online, self-paced course supports school leaders (formal and informal) as they lead the implementation of collaborative teaching practice (CTP) in their schools. The course is focused on the critical role of educational leaders as enablers of effective school-wide collaboration.

Participants will lead an action research project to introduce CTP to their schools, building strong collaborative partnerships within their teaching teams. They will learn practical strategies for leading teaching teams and driving change in contemporary NSW schools.

This course is best completed by educators who are leading a teaching team. Learning activities are practical and applied, encouraging participants to trial evidence-informed leadership practices with teaching teams and reflect on their practice with a supervisor.

This course is ideal for school leaders or teachers who are leading the implementation of collaborative teaching practice in existing, refurbished and new schools.

Enrol in 'Leading Collaborative Teaching Practice' by accessing the link: 'Leading Collaborative Teaching Practice'.

Time 11.5 hours
Delivery mode Online (self-paced)
Audience K-12 aspiring or current school leaders
Prior knowledge No prior knowledge required


By completing this course, school leaders will:

  • examine research on high-impact collaborative teaching practices;
  • investigate frameworks and models that help leaders understand both individual and team capabilities in their school community;
  • design pre- and post-initiative evaluations to measure the impact of CTP on student outcomes in their schools; and
  • align their CTP initiative with the SEF and their School Improvement Plan.

'Leading Collaborative Teaching Practice ' is currently classified as 'Elective PL' by NESA. It was designed to address standards 6.2.3, 6.3.3, and 7.4.3 from the Australian Professional Standards for Teachers.

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