Middle Leader Online Induction FAQs

What is the Middle Leader Online Induction program?

It’s an online learning program that provides a synopsis of knowledge and skills required as educators transition into a leadership role.

Who is the target audience?

This program is for newly appointed, first time substantive and long term relieving assistant principals and head teachers that have been appointed since June 2020.

What are the program learning outcomes?

Middle leaders will:

  • deepen their understanding of their role and direct impact on improving student learning outcomes;
  • enhance confidence and capacity to lead others;
  • strengthen their knowledge, understanding and skills regarding feedback to enable a professional growth culture;
  • develop their reflective practice as a leader to influence the situation and change the climate and
  • deepen their understanding of leading the department’s policies and strategies.

How is the program delivered?

The program is delivered via virtual online learning.

What are the components of the program?

The program consists of two components:

  • Component 1: Self-paced, eLearning, accessible via MyPL
  • Component 2: 2-day virtual conference

What does component 1 offer?

The self-paced eLearning offers participants the opportunity to engage with professional learning , covering the following topics::

  • Leading Learning
  • Leading Self
  • Leading Others
  • Leading Inquiry

How and when do I apply for component 1?

As this is a self-paced component, enrolments are open from 27 January 2021 to 17 May 2021

Participants can enrol on MyPL using the following details:

  • Course title: 2021 Middle Leader Online Induction Component 1
  • Course identifier: NR28873

When do I have to complete component 1?

You must complete component 1 by 17 May 2021.

What does component 2 offer?

The 2-day virtual conference offers participants the opportunity to engage in:

  • collegial conversations to consolidate learning from component 1
  • live seminars delivered by department experts focusing on leading policies and strategies for improved student learning outcomes.

How do I register for component 2?

You will receive an invitation via email from slicorrespondence@det.nsw.edu.au on 19 May 2021 with the link to the registration form.

When does registration for component 2 close?

Registration for component 2 closes on 3 June 2021.

As there is a limited intake, submit your registration as soon as possible.

Will I be notified of my successful registration for component 2?

Yes. You will receive a confirmation email from slicorrespondence@det.nsw.edu.au on 4 June 2021.

When will the 2-day virtual conference be held for component 2?

The virtual conference will be held on 8-9 June 2021.

Am I required to complete both components?

Yes. Component 1 is a prerequisite to component 2.

What IT is required to access this program?

To access component 1, you need to use the latest version of Internet Explorer.

For component 2, you need to have strong internet connection to join the virtual conference.

Will I receive a certificate after completion?

Yes, provided you have completed component 1 and 2.

What is the enrolment fee for this program?

The SLI is funding the enrolment fee for both components of the program.

Is casual relief provided to participate in this program?

No. You are encouraged to discuss your participation in the program with your supervisor/principal as your attendance is required for component 2.

Is this program NESA accredited?

No. This program can count towards Elective PD.

Can I connect with other learners?

You are encouraged to join our Yammer group Middle Leader Statewide Staffroom to connect and continue your learning with past and current participants.

Where can I find further information?

For further information regarding this program, please contact the NSW School Leadership Institute slicorrespondence@det.nsw.edu.au .

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