Reading and numeracy in the Learning Resource Hub

Evidence-based resources and tools are accessible to all schools via the Learning Resource Hub (staff only).

How to use the resources

Teachers can use these resources to support integration of reading and numeracy instruction into teaching and learning programs. The resources can be modified to meet individual needs and include:

  • links to professional learning, related resources, syllabus outcomes and the learning progressions.
  • tools for assessment, feedback, targeted teaching, and monitoring in the context of the teaching and learning cycle across learning areas
  • a powerful search function, allowing teachers to find content quickly and easily. Find relevant resources by searching for keywords, phrases or NSW syllabus outcomes.

More resources are to be delivered to schools on an ongoing basis.

Demonstration video

Watch our short demonstration video to find out more.

Using the Learning Resource Hub

The Learning Resource Hub now contains over 320 evidence-based reading and numeracy resources.

The resources have been developed by literacy and numeracy experts and quality assured by a specialist review panel.

The Reading and numeracy resources can be used alongside the teaching and learning cycle as teachers make informed decisions for planning, programming, teaching and assessing.

A number of sources can be used to triangulate data as teachers determine students’ current capabilities and learning needs.

The hub contains various diagnostic tools that can assist teachers to determine where their students currently are in their understanding and skills.

After establishing where students are, decisions about the content to teach can be made by consulting the syllabus and support documents, such as the National Literacy and Numeracy Learning progressions

The department has also produced Reading and Numeracy guides that provide links between the syllabus, the progressions and evidence-based reading and numeracy instruction.

As teachers think about planning for targeted instruction, the Learning Resource Hub provides a range of evidence-based reading and numeracy resources ready for teachers to adapt and integrate into teaching and learning programs in response to student needs.

The Learning Resource Hub can be accessed via the Reading and numeracy in the Learning Resource Hub webpage or by adding the tile to your portal.

Teachers can filter resources by selecting their focus year and learning area. By selecting the Reading and numeracy Hub under the source filter, an additional filter is available allowing teachers to further filter according to reading or numeracy topic.

Each resource landing page provides a short description of the resource.

The overview provides teachers with:

  • the topics related to this resource
  • syllabus outcomes and progression links.

These chips are interactive and when selected will re-filter the resources, showing all those with the same progression level tagged.

Each resource also has links to related resources and relevant professional learning that can support teachers to further develop their knowledge and understanding of the reading or numeracy concepts related to the resource.

Using the share option allows you to share resources with other teachers. You can share via Google classroom, Microsoft Teams, copy an embed code, email or copy the direct link.

Selecting ‘Go to resource’ provides you access to the resource described on this landing page.

Many of the hub resources can be used as opportunities for formative assessment as teachers consider how they will know whether their students have achieved the learning intentions.

Teachers may also consider using the Area of Focus feature in PLAN2 to monitor the progress of their students throughout the teaching and learning sequence.

The literacy and numeracy resources aim to provide clarity on what is required to achieve targets and lift student performance, through an easily accessible suite of evidence-based tools.
For further opportunities to learn how the resources can be integrated into existing teaching and learning programs in the context of NSW syllabuses consider completing one or more of the short courses that are part of the Improving reading and numeracy suite.

For more information, additional resources and support please visit the Literacy and numeracy webpage or contact

How do I access the resources?

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