Effective reading: Phonological awareness (eLearning)


This online professional learning provides K-2 teachers with an opportunity to explore the practical application of the evidence-based teaching of reading. Focus will be dedicated to exploring specifically the what, why and how of phonological awareness in order to plan, assess and implement systematic and explicit phonological awareness instruction.

Who should participate?

Kindergarten to Year 2 teachers

Mode of delivery

Online learning modules


This online course includes four modules:

  • Module 1: Connecting Phonological awareness to the reading process
  • Module 2: Understanding the phonological structure of spoken words
  • Module 3: Determining the learning needs for instruction in phonological awareness skills
  • Module 4: Planning for explicit and systematic instruction of phonological awareness skills

Completing this course will help you to:

  • explore the evidence-based research related to learning to read
  • develop an understanding of elements of the reading process
  • develop an understanding of the importance of oral language in developing phonological awareness.
  • learn how phonological awareness skills increase in complexity
  • use the teaching and learning cycle to support decisions about what students need to learn
  • understand why the explicit and systematic teaching of Phonological awareness skills is essential for effective reading instruction
  • consider further teaching strategies and considerations for supporting student development of strong phonological awareness skills.

If you experience any difficulties with the registration process, please contact: Leader, Literacy and Numeracy literacy.numeracy@det.nsw.edu.au

Register for ‘Effective reading: Phonological awareness (eLearning)’ via MyPL (Course code RG11571)

Interim Accredited Professional Development

This course is interim Accredited Professional Development until 4 February 2022.

This course will contribute to 7.5 hours of NESA Accredited PD towards maintaining proficient Teacher Accreditation in NSW. It addresses the following Australian Professional Standards for Teachers: 6.4.2, 2.5.2, 6.2.2.

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