PLAN2: How to - technical guide to using PLAN2


Designed to assist teachers and school leaders in building their understanding and confidence in the use of PLAN2

Who should participate?

K-10 teachers and school leaders.

Mode of delivery

  • eLearning
  • remote learning (full day workshop and short sessions via Microsoft Teams).


This online course focuses on the technical aspects of the PLAN2 tool. The course will help build understanding and confidence in the use and application of PLAN2. Interactive tasks, incorporating the use of the PLAN2 training environment will guide participants through familiarisation and navigation activities.

Completing this professional learning will help you to:

  • record observations of students’ literacy and numeracy capabilities identified using the progressions
  • plan for explicit teaching to support student development and focus on student need
  • analyse and use progression information in PLAN2 to help identify patterns and teaching priorities, evaluate what works best, and strengthen practice in response.
The course consists of six modules. Each module contains multiple topics covering the different aspects of PLAN2 and has been developed to support teachers in monitoring, assessing and recording observations of students' literacy and numeracy learning in PLAN2.

Register for PLAN2: How to eLearning - a technical guide to using PLAN2 via MyPL (course code NR28884)

Full day workshop (remote learning via Microsoft Teams)

The full day workshop focuses on:

  • ALAN and PLAN2 and their relationship with the literacy and numeracy learning progressions
  • The literacy and numeracy progressions and their use in analysing student development

Completing this professional learning will help you to:

  • quickly navigate PLAN2 to analyse and update student, class and cohort information
  • explore the different options to view and monitor student progress
  • build on information captured from department mapped assessments to track student progress overtime
  • record teacher observations to assist with identifying opportunities for targeted programs and as evidence of successful student learning
  • generate analysis and export information for use in existing teaching and assessment cycles

Dates and locations - Term 4

  • Week 2 – Tuesday 12 October
  • Week 3 – Thursday 21 October
  • Week 4 – Wednesday 27 October
  • Week 5 – Friday 5 November
  • Week 6 – Wednesday 10 November
  • Week 7 – Tuesday 16 November
  • Week 8 – Thursday 25 November

Targeted short sessions (remote learning via Microsoft Teams)

These short interactive sessions will include collaboration, discussion and question and answer time. Each week, sessions concentrate on a specific feature of PLAN2 with sessions focusing on:

  • explicit modelling of the 'how to' of PLAN2
  • exploration of current features of PLAN2
  • introduction of new PLAN2 enhancements

Dates - Term 4

Targeted short sessions are held every Monday 3:30pm

Access PLAN2: How to – targeted short sessions via MS Teams.

Your approval will be granted within 24 hours. You may need to login to your Microsoft account using your department email.

Important note for Microsoft Teams

When participating in a Microsoft Teams sessions you will need:

  • a device (laptop or computer recommended) with an internet connection
  • a web browser - for best experience, please use Google Chrome web browser
  • a department Microsoft Teams account – for best experience, use the Microsoft Teams app

Register for ‘Register for PLAN2: How to - a technical guide for using PLAN2 through MyPL (Course code NRG09590)

Leadership teams can arrange a school specific remote session - email the literacy and numeracy team

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