Advice for schools

NSW public schools allow time for Special religious education (SRE) and Special education in ethics (SEE), where authorised teachers of approved providers are available.

Schools support SRE and SEE by:

  • ensuring no academic instruction or formal school activities occur during time set aside for SRE/SEE
  • providing adequate learning facilities for the delivery of SRE/SEE during school hours
  • providing families with access to current information about SRE/SEE.


Schools are responsible to:

  • check that the SRE/SEE organisation(s) working in their school are an approved provider and cross-reference the authorised SRE and SEE teachers on the department's Not to be Employed (NTBE) database in Electronic Casual Pay Claims (eCPC)
  • ensure that they provide general information about SRE, SEE, and alternative meaningful activities on the school website under the 'learning at our school' page. The website is to include a link to the approved provider's curriculum
  • provide parents/carers with the SRE and SEE Participation letter in the enrolment pack or at the time of enrolment
  • advise parents/carers that they may, at any time, notify the school in writing that they wish to withdraw their child from SRE/SEE or to change their nomination.

An implementation flowchart (DOCX 66KB) assists principals with decisions associated with student participation in SRE and SEE.

Students will continue in the same class as the previous year, unless a parent/caregiver has requested a change.

Further detailed information can be found in the Special religious education procedures (PDF 92.61KB) and Special education in ethics procedures (PDF 90.62KB).

Support materials are available to further assist schools.

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