In 2018, NSW Education Standards Authority (NESA) released the K-10 syllabus for Italian.

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Support materials from NSW Department of Education

The Italian K-10 syllabus was developed using the Languages K-10 Framework. As all K-10 language syllabuses (2017 and later) are underpinned by this framework, teachers should view resources across all languages to access a broader range of sample scope and sequences, unit starters and assessment tasks.

Sample scope and sequence documents

Sample assessment tasks

We have also presented the same task in an engaging online format, including the task, outcomes, directions and useful links for the student to follow. You'll also find advice for the students on creating and collaborating together from different locations and videos to spark inspiration.

Screenshot of online version of Italian assessment task
Image: Italian assessment task – online version

Unit starters

A unit starter is a set of proposed teaching, learning and assessment strategies, arranged around a topic or theme. Teachers adapt the content to suit the needs of individual students and their local school context.

Support materials from NESA

Sample scope and sequence documents

Sample units of work

Sample assessment task

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