Student leaders play it safe

A collaboration between Punchbowl Public School and the local council is spreading a message about road safety.

14 August 2020

When students came back to school after the Covid lockdown, we noticed that parents had forgotten some basic traffic rules.

Parents started parking in the middle of the road, yelling at the kids to run to them, which they would do without looking. As student leaders we were concerned that it was very dangerous and eventually somebody might get hurt.

When the City of Canterbury Bankstown Council asked if we wanted to be involved in a road safety video, we saw this as a great opportunity to make a difference and were excited to finally take part in some leadership activities, after the Covid lockdown stopped many of our plans.

In early June we received a script and student leaders selected and practised their parts. Then on 10 June a film crew arrived at our school to make our video about road safety.

However disaster stuck on the day of the shoot. Ali called in sick.

Fatat and Reanna stepped in to claim parts of his role, ensuring we could continue.

Making the video was nerve-wracking for everybody. Once we started filming we grew more relaxed. Around halfway through filming, we became confident and were happy with the flexibility the camera crew gave us in doing numerous takes if we got something wrong. We learned a lot about road safety and how movies are created.

We think having student leaders present this message will have a stronger effect on younger students and parents.

The video is also important because it helps parents to realise how kids see the world around them. The road safety video has been featured on the local newspaper and on the Canterbury Bankstown council website.

We’ve also been on TV.

It made us happy as student leaders to finally be included in things to do with a really important topic. In times like this it is important that we stick together as a community and keep each other safe.

From the student leaders of Punchbowl Public School when crossing the road remember: Stop. Look. Listen. Think.

By Ali, Zeinab, Fatat, Omar, Ibrahim, Issac and Reanna: Student leadership team, Punchbowl Public School.

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