Education Court Liaison

Providing a pathway for young people to re-connect with their education can lead to life-changing opportunities.

The NSW Department of Education’s Education Court Liaison Officers provide a pathway for young people appearing before the Children’s Court to re-engage with education. Officers understand that young people attending court often have a number of problems, and so work with other agencies to better understand what solution will work best for each young person.

Education Court Liaison Officers meet with young people when they present to a Children’s Criminal Court, but are independent of the justice system, child protection system and school attendance programs.

They work closely with schools, TAFEs and other education providers to connect young people into schools or programs, but don’t work within individual schools.

What does an Education Court Liaison Officer do?

Education Court Liaison Officers take a personalised approach to each young person and involves:

  • talking to young people about their goals, educational needs and interests
  • liaising with schools and training providers on their behalf
  • helping the young person understand what options are available
  • advocating on their behalf to resolve barriers to education, and connect them to support or programs
  • facilitating enrolment in schools, alternative education settings and vocational courses.

The program is currently being piloted in six NSW Children’s Criminal Courts:  Broadmeadow, Campbelltown, Nowra, Parramatta, Port Kembla and Surry Hills.

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