2021 SBAR essentials

The funding provided through the 2021 School Budget Allocation Report (SBAR) is a critical resource that directly impacts on student learning.

The funding is provided to meet student learning and wellbeing needs and improve student outcomes. Investing in the education of students is essential to their successful engagement at every stage of schooling.

The funding supports the delivery of the strategic directions and targets identified in your school’s Strategic Improvement Plan (SIP).

Accountability for the effective use of needs-based funding must extend beyond financial expenditure to include evaluation of the impacts on student learning.

The new 2021 SBAR essentials has a more concise format to increase the readability, clarity and accessibility of the essential information it contains.

Principals and school leaders have access to the SBAR resource hub which houses comprehensive information such as resourcing snapshots, case studies and samples.

The information in the 2021 SBAR essentials and on the SBAR resource hub will assist you in developing your school’s budget and allocating funding to align with the strategic directions and initiatives in your school’s SIP.

Support to effectively plan and align school resources to initiatives that improve student outcomes, including the effective use of needs-based funding, is also available from your Director, Educational Leadership, the Strategic schools resourcing team.

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