Field Services Team

The Strategic Schools Resourcing (SSR) Field Services team works across the state to support NSW public schools.

The key role of the Strategic Schools Resourcing Field Services team is to work closely with schools to build the understanding and capacity of school leaders to strategically plan and manage resources that provide outstanding opportunities and outcomes for students.

The SSR Field Services team delivers professional learning and provisions support to schools on best practice strategic resource management, understanding the Resource Allocation Model (RAM), and the School Budget Allocation Reports (SBAR). Key components of the role include:

  • facilitating training opportunities in strategic resource management to meet the needs of students and achieve improved outcomes
  • delivering professional learning opportunities on consultative decision making and community engagement
  • providing advice and support to principals, executive, and SAS staff on the RAM and the School Budget Allocation Report and the effective use of funds.
  • assisting principals, executive, and SAS staff to identify and utilise tools (such as the enterprise Financial Planning Tool (eFPT) and SPaRO) to plan, monitor, evaluate and report on resource utilisation within their school
  • identifying opportunities for additional professional development and support for schools related to the implementation of the RAM components and managing the total school budget.
Operational Directorate Contact Phone

Met North

Mark Gill

0436 803 166

Met South

Adam Baczynskyj

0436 803 167

Regional North

Philippa Furner

0436 811 175

Regional North

Lynda Skinner

0436 811 176

Rural North

Dean Files

0419 874 520

Regional South

Simon Abbott

0436 808 494

Rural South and West

Sandra Heffernan

0436 922 895

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