Tips to attract local media

Your local, regional or suburban media are always on the lookout for stories that capture their communities. Here are some key points to remember when contacting media to cover a school event.

  1. Send your press release or media alert to the editor or newsroom at your local media about a week before the event and call to check they received it.
  2. Make a note to call them again about two days before the event to confirm if they can attend. If they cannot ask if they will accept photos and a story from the event for publication. If yes contact the Department of Education media unit at and ask for help in crafting a story.
  3. Ensure all children who may be photographed or filmed by media have signed permission to publish forms.
  4. If the media is coming to your event or going to phone make sure your contact person is available. Too often a media contact can’t be contacted and the opportunity is lost.
  5. Think about your key points before the journalist interviews you. It can help to write a few notes on the important ideas or message you want to convey.
  6. If the media is coming try to organise your photo beforehand or have an idea of what the photographer can shoot – a big crowd shot will be messy, best to have a few students rather than a lot.

Here are some handy resources to help you liaise with media and special guests.

EdWeek20 media release template

EdWeek20 special guest invitation template

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