Parents and the ASTP – working together for student success

Parents are our partners in the safe transport of children with disability between home and school.

Schools, parents and contractors work together to ensure the highest level of service so that students arrive safely at school ready to learn.

Below are some simple things that you can do to support your child:

  • Be ready to meet the vehicle 15 minutes before arrival time at the agreed safe pick-up and drop-off location outside your home. This requirement minimises the stress on students and ensures that they enter the vehicle in a calm manner, reducing the likelihood of incidents on transport
  • Assist travel staff in loading and securing their child and their mobility equipment such as wheelchairs and walkers. It is a parent's responsibility to assist their child into the vehicle and be safely seated with their seat belt buckled according to the road rules
  • Work with the school to ensure any changes to your child's health care or behaviour needs are recorded and reflected in their travel plans
  • Contact the school if your details or circumstances change - such as work, study or other commitments, medical conditions, home address, phone numbers, or email address
  • Remember that students are not allowed to eat in the vehicle unless they have approval from ASTP or the school

By meeting your parent responsibilities you assist with making transport better for all students who access the service.

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