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    • Back to school 2021

      Help your child get ready for #FirstDay2021 with our selection of tips, resources and articles for parents and carers.

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    • Going to school

      What to expect from your child's school life — from enrolment to graduation and everything in between.

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    • Help with homework

      Homework tips for overcoming barriers to study.

    • Homework

      Homework tips for helping your child overcome barriers to study.

  1. I
    • Inclusive learning support

      Information to support NSW families with children with disability and additional learning and support needs.

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    • Learning

      Support your child's learning and development, and help them prepare for tests and exams.

    • Learning environment

      Advice for setting up a positive learning environment for your child while they are learning remotely.

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    • Maths help

      Our Maths A to Z glossary provides straightforward explanations and illustrated examples of maths terms used in the classroom.

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    • NSW School Updates app

      The NSW School Updates app allows parents and carers to receive operational status updates for NSW public schools.

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    • Online enrolment

      Making applying to enrol in NSW public schools easier for parents. Giving parents and school staff a fast, digital and convenient way to process applications for primary school students.

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    • Parent and carers toolkit

      Jam-packed with curated lists, self-care tips and helpful advice, it aims to give you a head start and continued support during the school holidays and beyond.

    • Pathways after school

      Discover resources to support your child for life after school — from further study to choosing a career.

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