Transcript of the 'Rural Access Gap' video


Rural Access Gap

(Narration by Dr Brad Russell)

The Rural Access Gap is actually the first time we're really looking at equity and closing the divide between the access that metropolitan students have and our rural, remote, and regional students have with I suppose the connection to the very sophisticated and complex world around them.

Now the world is digital. We need our students to be able to function in a digital world and we have found that in rural areas not only is there not the same standard of access, but many young people don't have the equipment, they don't have the devices, and certainly our teachers may not have access to the resources.

This is a determined strategy to achieve equity for every student to provide those groups within our communities such as students from impoverished backgrounds, students from the language background other than English, our Aboriginal students.

it's giving them the same access and the same platform, the same playing field for absolutely every student within our system.

It enables our students to connect with others, so their wellbeing is increased and they feel part of a world that is becoming more and more complex, becoming more sophisticated, but they have the tools with which to navigate that world.

This will achieve we hope, the goal of our system being one of the world's best and certainly the New South Wales public education system being Australia's best education system, delivering increased achievement and improved outcomes for every student.

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