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Welcome to Elderslie public school

We pride ourselves on being inclusive, inspiring and innovative every single day. Student voice is at the heart of what we do. As part of our student leadership model, every year five and six student is part of a ministry.

Through weekly meetings, we are empowered to implement our ideas for school improvement. To start our year off, the tech ministry organized and hosted a fun day of learning with some local schools about using the STEM share kit. We now use these skills to help teachers and students use the technologies in their classroom.

We, the Tech Ministry, are responsible for regularly leading 'Tecky Breakies' and technology staff meetings. We've shared how to use the robotics we purchased through a 'maker space' grant, as well as various iPad apps.

We love going into classrooms and supporting teachers in using these technologies, including our new initiative where we plan and deliver a whole day of learning around a book the students have been studying.

Having access to technology is really important so we have iPads from K to 6 including a great BYOD program for primary to encourage collaboration among staff and students we use Google Drive and Google classrooms. Facebook and Twitter provide us with opportunities to share our learning on a global scale.

To share our learning with our parents, we all use Seesaw, and many of our teachers are Seesaw ambassadors. From the first day in kindergarten you will see kids sharing their learning in Seesaw, coding Bee Bots and using their iPads for making and creating.

Down in years 1 & 2, they are experts at using ScratchJr. Recently, they coded a chicken to move around the lifecycle and stopped at each stage to record key information. Our teachers belief technology is a tool that can really transform learning. During a recent year one length unit some of the Tech Ministry assisted in challenges using the Dash, Blue-Bots, Osmo's masterpiece and ScratchJr to ensure all our stage one students achieve the digital technologies strand of the syllabus.

Many of our teachers have completed the Apple teacher program, and attended the Apple teacher Academy. Our students are well supported through the employment of experts such as Eric from Datacom and the digital technology stem coach who works side-by-side with the teachers to plan, implement authentic projects using a project-based learning framework.

These projects give us an opportunity to engage in real-world problems where technology is used to create public products for a global audience. We love app smashing and combining a range of robotics to create masterpieces such as a recent documentary on the Mars rover, where we use LEGO WeDo, studio green screen and iMovie. It's great. Our teachers give us voice and choice in our learning. Here, some students choose to use the Makey Makeys to create an interactive poster about the solar system. From Minecraft projects, to space exploration, we never know where technology will take our learning.

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