Five surprising places where you’ll find maths for Years 1-2

From the animal kingdom to outer space, maths underpins it all! These five awe-inspiring books will give your child a glimpse of some of the unexpected places where maths can be found - often without us even realising until we look closer.


27 February 2021


The LEGO Ideas Book: You Can Build Anything!

Written by Daniel Lipkowitz

Aside from being a lot of fun to play with, LEGO is a versatile tool that can support spatial reasoning, an understanding of 3D objects, position, quantifying collections and how numbers work. 

This book is full of ideas for LEGO projects you and your child can build together like cars, buildings, and things from outer space. It encourages invention and ingenuity - valuable qualities in all young mathematicians.



Written and illustrated by Aleksandra Mizielinska and Daniel Mizielinski

This detailed and entertaining book has 52 illustrated maps exploring countries around the world and shares information about their flags, populations and landmarks. Whether you’re creating secret treasure maps in the yard or sending someone on a special mission around the home, we need a range of mathematical skills. Creating maps helps build understanding of position, length, area, quantifying collections, 2D shapes and operations.


Lifetime: The Amazing Numbers In Animal Lives

Written by Lola M. Schaefer and illustrated by Christopher Silas Neal

Many children love animals, and this book connects them and their homes in nature with numbers using colourful illustrations. Your child can explore the number of holes drilled in a tree by a woodpecker, the number of spots on a giraffe, or try to count 1000 baby seahorses. They will see that mathematical ideas really are everywhere… and they can be used to help us explore almost everything!


If Pluto Was A Pea

Written by Gabrielle Prendergast and illustrated by Rebecca Gerlings

If Pluto was the size of a pea, how big would the earth be? It can be challenging for children to imagine very big, abstract objects and how they compare to other things, objects and spaces. This book explores the size of the planets by using everyday objects showing us how, once again, maths can be used to help us make sense of the world. Use this book to stimulate your child’s imagination and get them thinking about the universe.


Iggy Peck, Architect

Written by Andrea Beaty and illustrated by David Roberts

Iggy is a boy with a passion for building great things – a passion that requires hard work and commitment to a goal – and maths! Like all users of mathematics, Iggy faces some challenges as he follows his dream in unconventional ways, inspiring children and adults alike to persevere.