Route planning

Give your child a map of a venue that you are visiting, like the zoo, a farm or even a shopping centre, and put them in charge of navigation. Encourage your child to suggest the route you should take and have them navigate you through it.

2 hours


27 February 2021

Things you need

  • Day trip to a zoo, farm or shopping centre
  • Venue map

The challenge

Step 1

Take the opportunity to teach your child about locations the next time you’re both at a public attraction such as a large shopping centre, zoo or farm. Find a venue map and discuss it with your child.

Tip: Notice and point out if the map has compass points, a scale or a legend (key) to help locate places or attractions.


Step 2

Encourage your child to suggest the route that you'll take to different places and ask them to describe their plan to you. 

Encourage them to use words like:

  • north, south, east and west
  • north-east, south-east, south-west and north-west
  • left and right
  • direction
  • legend or key
  • position
  • scale.

The conversation

After completing this activity, work with your child to create a map of your local town, suburb, farm or even your home to be used by other members of your family for a sightseeing tour. Remember to include compass points, a scale, a legend (key) and important landmarks or attractions..

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