Nature walk

Head outside for a walk with your child and ask them to collect items such as pebbles, shells, leaves and sticks. Then, encourage your child to arrange them by length.

This activity can also be done using household objects such as books, toys, items in the shed or colouring pencils.

45 minutes

01 March 2021

Things you need

  • A collection of objects

The challenge

Step 1

Take your child on a walk to get some fresh air and sunshine.


Step 2

Together you can collect a range of items such as sticks, rocks, shells or flowers.


Step 3

Find a comfortable place and ask your child to sort the items from shortest to tallest, discussing this process with them:

  • "How many items are shorter than this one?"
  • "Which is the second tallest?"
  • "Which is the second shortest?"

Step 4

Feel free to change up the ordering criteria, such as tallest to shortest or thinnest to widest.