Car trip playlist

Next time you're heading on a long car journey, let the kids take control of the music but under one condition: their playlist has to match the length of the journey.

1 hour


03 March 2021

Things you need

  • Pencil and paper
  • Upcoming family car trip

The challenge

Step 1

Determine where your longer car trip will be and approximately how long this will take. For example, when you visit Uncle in Griffith, it might take two hours to drive there.


Step 2

Get your child to put together a playlist to match the travel time you've estimated to get to your destination. They could include songs, podcasts, or even audiobooks that they think everybody will enjoy.


Step 3

See how closely their playlist matches the actual trip time.


The conversation

  • Talk with your child about converting between units of time. For example, 60 seconds is one minute and 60 minutes is one hour. How can they use this knowledge to help them create their playlist?
  • Bonus activity: Instead of creating a playlist of songs for a car trip, they could create a programming schedule for a family movie night including time for dinner and snacks. 
  • Bonus activity: You could help them create a 10-minute playlist for the morning to get them get energised for the day, or a 15-minute tidying-up playlist for the afternoon. 

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