Bubble wands

Create your own homemade bubble wands to explore different shapes with your child. Make triangles, squares, rectangles and circles and then encourage your child to notice a curious thing about the shape of the bubbles the wands create.

30 minutes


03 March 2021

Things you need

  • Pipe cleaners 
  • Scissors
  • Bucket
  • Bubble solution

The challenge

Step 1

Help your child bend pipe cleaners to make a triangle, rectangle, circle and a square. Then use another pipe cleaner to make wand handles for each of their shapes. 


Step 2

Put some soap-bubble solution in a bucket and dip your DIY wand in and blow some bubbles. Ask your child what they notice about the bubbles when they use the triangle wand, the square wand, the rectangle wand and the circle wand?

Spoiler alert: The bubbles will be spherical no matter the wand's shape.


The conversation

As your child is creating their bubble wands, here are some things to talk about:

  • Wonder out aloud about the features of the shapes. For example, "Oh, I can see that's a triangle because it has three sides and three corners. What other triangles have you seen today? What's the same about them? What's different?"
  • "What's the same about a square and a rectangle? What's different?"
  • "What other shapes could we make into wands?"

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