3D treasure hunt

Go on a 3D object hunt around the house, and get your child to find and sort cones, spheres, cube, cylinders, rectangular prisms or pyramids.


30 minutes

08 March 2021

Things you need

  • Household items

  • Objects from nature (optional)

  • Pen and paper


The challenge

Step 1

Challenge your child to go around your home and collect as many different 3D objects as they can find. The more they can find, the better. For example, they may find a toilet roll or tin jars (cylinders), a tissue box (rectangular prism), or a tennis ball (sphere). You can do this activity outdoors as well.


Step 2

Once your child has collected the 3D objects, get them to sort them into: 

  • objects that you can roll
  • objects that you can stack.
Feel free to come up with other catgeories based off the unique properties or features of the 3D objects they've found.

The conversation

While your child is sorting their 3D objects, point out how some 3D objects like a toilet roll can be sorted into more than one category; it's an object that can be both rolled and stacked.

This is because a cylinder has both flat and curved faces, while other 3D objects, like spheres, can only be rolled. This will help your child become more familiar and confident at describing the objects they see everyday, everywhere.

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