Rural and Remote Education Strategy (2021-2024)

The Rural and Remote Education Strategy is designed to close the educational divide between rural students and their metropolitan counterparts.

The strategy uses a whole-systems approach to provide contextualised support to rural and remote schools. This includes improved staff recruitment processes, access to more curriculum choices, supplying state-of-the-art technology and enabling stronger partnerships with education providers, vocational education suppliers and local industry.

The strategy has been developed to include four key areas.

  1. People: Investing in and valuing our people – Supply students in rural and remote communities with more high-quality educators who are aware of localised needs.
  2. Practice: Quality teaching and learning – Better equip and develop rural and remote teachers to deliver a broader curriculum, contextualised to the needs of the community, to offer engaging learning opportunities for students.
  3. Participation: Enabling learners and learning – Ensure staff and students in rural and remote schools are more empowered to address wellbeing needs through stronger connections with their communities.
  4. Partnerships: Building productive partnerships – Leverage more productive partnerships with higher education providers, vocational education providers and local industry to increase rural and remote student achievement, ambition and access to post-school opportunities.
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