Video branding requirements and assets

All motion graphics and text in department video content must be brand compliant and comply with WCAG 2.1 accessibility requirements. To ensure this, Adobe Premiere compatible motion graphic templates and other assets are available for download on the brand portal.

These assets should be used on all created videos at the department level. Video projects that feature custom graphics without approval may be rejected and removed from publishing channels. The templates can be passed to outside contractors and agencies for use in video projects for the Department.

The development of new branding, logos, or visual treatments is not recommended unless audience needs can be clearly identified and supported with rationale and evidence.

If your video requires custom graphics, please lodge a ticket with the design team via Zendesk. Please note, not all requests for custom graphics will be approved.

Brand graphics example

An example of the correct use of Department brand graphics templates.

Motion graphic templates (MOGRTs)

MORGTs supplied are in a 4K format, for HD video you can resize the graphics to 50-60%. They must remain in the bottom left-hand corner of the frame and all text must sit within title-safe margins.

Text Cards

Please do not use full-screen text cards to begin videos. The first 7 seconds of video is the most important to hook your audience. A full-screen text card is better suited as a custom preview thumbnail. Custom thumbnails should be supplied as 1920 x 1080 .JPEGS. All text and colours must be on brand and accessible as per the brand guidelines.

If using full-screen text cards in your video, text must be left-aligned for accessibility and sit within title safe borders. Text should adhere to the brand guideline requirements in terms of contrast, size, and font. Overly animated backgrounds or text transitions should not be used as this may make your video inaccessible.

End Cards

All videos must end with the supplied brand end frame available on the brand portal.. It is an NSW Government requirement that videos end with the full-colour Waratah Logo and copyright line on screen for a minimum of 3 seconds, excluding transitions.

The brand end frame is set up to comply with the above requirements and should be used in its entirety.

No text is to be added to these end frames without approval. If you require custom end frames for a campaign or multi-part project, please lodge a ticket with the design team via Zendesk.

Lower thirds

Subjects that require identification should use the brand lower thirds and follow the below structure. Deviation from this structure may result in rejection of your video.

  • Subject name

  • Subject title

There is an option to alter the shape length if text is too long for the backing box. Please ensure clearance is even on both sides of the graphic.

Students’ full names should never be used in lower thirds.


Location tags should be used to identify the school or community the video focuses on.

If you have any questions on the above, please feel free to contact the video team via Zendesk.

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