Who we collaborate with

Learn about the range of sectors that we work with.

Research Collaborations

We work with individuals and organisations both inside and beyond the NSW Department of Education.

Within the Department

Within the Department we collaborate to progress and support research projects as requested by Directorates. This includes research funded by the Australian Research Council under its Linkage program. We provide literature reviews as requested by directorates. We have recently collaborated with Futures Learning, Learning Systems, Aboriginal Education and Communities

Futures Learning Unit

Our collaboration has involved research on the connection between pedagogy, learning spaces and technology. We have also produced research papers and conducted research in schools on how teachers can cultivate critical and creative thinking, global thinking, and other general capabilities for the 21st century.

Aboriginal Education and Communities Directorate

Work includes protocols for researchers conducting research in Aboriginal Education, investigating transition to school for Aboriginal students, and cultural responsiveness.

School Sport Unit

We have been involved in research to inform the redesign of the School Sport Unit website. We provided research services and advice relating to understanding the current and future users of the website, conducted field studies, usability studies and ideation workshops.

Learning Systems

We have conducted a literature review on Digital Citizenship to inform the development of a new resource on digital citizenship

Public sector collaborations

Research in Education Network (REN) is composed of educational research officers from jurisdictions around Australia. The aims of REN are:

  • to harmonise our procedures and processes across jurisdictions to deliver consistency and quality
  • to support research that aligns with jurisdictional and national needs
  • to promote the role of research in improving the wellbeing and learning outcomes of children and young people
  • to collaborate in research processes, strategies and capability development.

REN meets eight times a year and works together on projects such as the development of a National Application Form for conducting research in Australian schools, the establishment of a national repository for schooling research and the preparation of presentations at national conferences to connect research, policy and practice.

As a member of REN the Research team is connected with all public educational jurisdictions as well as a large number of independent and Catholic jurisdictions. If you are considering a national research initiative, you are welcome to discuss this with us.

Private Sector collaborations

Our industry partners have been involved in different research programs and networking initiatives. Currently, we are proud to work with Intel, CISCO, Gallup, SAS, ATLASSIAN, Telstra, Microsoft, Google, the CSIRO and the ANSTO Big Ideas Forum Team.

Contact us if you are considering an industry-specific initiative in which you would like to address an educational need through research. Our past work has included the areas of STEM as well as critical and creative thinking.

Professional associations

We work closely with the Australian Association for Research in Education (AARE). This collaboration has been fostered through the Research in Education Network (REN) and serves to connect academic researchers with the priorities of educational jurisdictions and the work of schools.

Government agencies

The NSW Department of Industry, NSW Innovation Productivity Council (IPC), the Office of the Chief Scientist and the Australian Academy of Technology and Engineering have been involved in STEM, innovation and entrepreneurial learning development work supported by the Research team.

Universities and museums

A close collaboration exists between the Research team and several groups of academics, to further research in STEM and entrepreneurial-related areas.

Participating organisations include: University of Sydney, Macquarie University, Murdoch University, Charles Sturt University, Western Sydney University and the University of New South Wales. We also work closely with educational managers at the Museum of Applied Arts and Sciences.

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