Conducting research to inform policy and practice

The Research team conducts research to inform policy and practice. This research takes the form of literature reviews, case studies, and workshops. Requests are received from within the department to conduct research.

Literature reviews

A review of current and past literature is an important part of examining credible existing knowledge of any given field or practice. Such reviews are an important way for researchers and practitioners to keep abreast of the latest theories and practices and to help policy makers make informed decisions.

We also provide support to staff, schools and teachers who would like to understand how to conduct their own literature reviews.

Case studies

The Research team works to identify good practice in schools through the use of interviews that are compiled into case studies.


The workshops we conduct are informed by human-centred design principles, a problem-solving approach which is user-centric and can be used to help to design websites as well as inform policy.


Resources to conduct your own literature reviews are available here.

Contact us to request assistance in conducting research or in guiding your team to conduct your own research project.

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