Training and support

Our teams provide training and support to officers across the department undertaking research and evaluation of educational practices in schools. We assist business units to strengthen their ability to conduct research and evaluation activities.


The Research team can assist with literature reviews and primary research.

Professional learning is available in:

  • research methods
  • action research
  • using research to inform practice and address local needs in schools.

Contact the Research team for more opportunities to build research capacity.


The Evaluation team supports the evaluation of programs and provides professional learning in evaluation activities. We work with business units to:

  • plan and implement evaluations
  • jointly conduct evaluation of school-based programs
  • design evaluative methods and instruments.

Professional learning is available in:

  • developing a program logic
  • formulating evaluation questions
  • data gathering methods and design of instruments
  • analysing data
  • reporting findings.

We can also provide advice to schools on evaluation processes.

The Evaluation team is working in partnership with the Centre for Educational Statistics and Evaluation (CESE) to develop, produce and release a suite of training activities and resources to build evaluation capacity in schools and business units:

Contact the Evaluation team for further information.

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