Enabling schooling success: Psycho-social drivers and impact of Positive Behaviour for Learning intervention on behaviour, well-being, academic engagement and achievement

NSW Department of Education, The University of Western Sydney

2009-2012 | LP0561658

Reducing behavioural & emotional difficulties in schools is vital given their pervasiveness & long‑term  consequences for academic failure, mental health & anti‑social behaviour. Consistent with National Research Priorities to promote proactive health & wellbeing effective research‑based positive behaviour for learning interventions will yield important educational & socio‑economic benefits by enriching learning, psychosocial  adjustment, schooling success & life potential of young Australians. Research outcomes have the potential to seed  success by generating new solutions to strengthen schooling; enable students to reach potential; build capacity at individual & community levels & contribute to national socio‑economic wellbeing.

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