2020 Premier's Teacher Scholarships Recipients

Scholarship Recipient Topic
Premier’s Anika Foundation Youth Depression Awareness Scholarship Tiffany Barreca - Kingsgrove High School The Heart of Education: Compassion based approaches for cultivating emotional health in schools

Premier’s Anika Foundation Youth Depression Awareness Scholarship

Wayne Humphreys - Baulkham Hills High School

Supporting the Mental Health & Wellbeing of High Potential Learners
Premier's Copyright Agency Creativity across the Curriculum Scholarship Jane Wilson - Liverpool Boys High School Future thinking - creative, connected and engaged learners
Premier's Curriculum Transition Scholarship Tarley Jones - Henry Kendall High School Future Directions in Curriculum Transition
Premier's Early Childhood Education Scholarship Kate Maslowski - Ruse Public School Playful Learning: Creating Critical, Collaborative and Creative Global Citizens
Premier's English Teachers Association English Scholarship Jennifer Dove - Lightning Ridge Central School Creating a writing practice for high school English students in remote and rural communities
Premier's First State Super Financial Literacy and Capability Scholarship Rachel Noonan - Warners Bay High School Providing a real-world context for the teaching of financial literacy in secondary schools
Premier's Hicksons Lawyers Health Education and Wellbeing Scholarship Sheridan Worthington - Macquarie Fields High School Preparing teachers to address body image disorders arising from student fixation of social media
Premier's History Teachers Association History Scholarship Emily Shanahan - Northern Beaches Christian School Iran: Making the Inaccessible Accessible
Premier's History Teachers Association History Scholarship Brett Bennett - Bishop Druitt College Truth, Justice and the Historian's Way
Premier's Kingold Chinese Language Teacher Scholarship Ye Liang - West Ryde Public School Effective Translanguaging strategies in Primary Language Classroom.
Premier's Language Teacher Scholarship Katherine Brownlee - Gosford High School Comprehensible and compelling: the missing pieces of the puzzle?
Premier's Mathematical Association of NSW Mathematics Scholarship Laura Barry - Middle Harbour Public School Fluency without fear - improving teacher and student confidence to think mathematically
Premier's NESA Quality Teaching Scholarship Sarah Martin - Lomandra School How do we improve reading in young Australians?
Premier's Reserve Bank of Australia Economics Scholarship Alexander Symonds - Masada College Flipping the script
Premier's Teachers Mutual Bank Aboriginal Education Scholarship Sabina Armstrong - Walcha Central School Evaluating the effectiveness of teaching and learning
Premier's Teachers Mutual Bank New and Emerging Technologies Scholarship Lee Hancock - St Paul's College, Kempsey SMART agriculture and sustainable food production in the digital age
Premier's University of Sydney Mathematics Scholarship Jonathan Kim Sing - Galston High School Exploring the Effectiveness of Video Based Learning in Mathematics
Premier's Vocational Education Scholarship Stewart Blomfield - Boorowa Central School Addressing the issues around rural isolation in Vocational Education and Training delivery
Premier's Vocational Education Scholarship Jennifer Henriques - Liverpool Girls High School The prosperity of Portuguese vocational education under the European Union's Reform Strategy
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